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The body is a series of interconnected muscular and skeletal systems. When there is an issue in one area, it compensates in another area to bring it back into balance. This causes discomfort, pain and stiffness. 

We offer a range of modalities that compliment and work together to address a variety of movement based issues with the aim of addressing the root cause of the problem. From simple things like a sore lower back or limited range of shoulder motion, to complicated things such as injuries and surgeries.

Each therapist is highly trained and experienced. Each modality is science backed and evidence based. Each session is followed up with recommended protocols for clients to do at home.

Our emphasis is on prevention and sustainable solutions. We want clients to take an active role

manual therapy

We help clients recover from Acute injuries and severe Chronic conditions using Manual Therapy, which releases tension in joints and tissues using strong hands-on Remedial massage + Physio techniques.

Similar to how Chiro releases tension by ‘cracking’ tight joints, Manual Therapy releases tension by ‘trigger point’ releases of the soft tissues around the joint or muscle. It’s a technique unique to Fondue Recovery, not found elsewhere in Bali.

With only two or three sessions you will start to see results. However for complicated cases, its best used as part of a complete Treatment Protocol designed by a qualified Physio.

manual therapy

(head therapist)

For complicated issues such as injuries, surgeries and chronic problems we recommend seeing our Head Therapist.

We can put together detailed Treatment Plans encompassing Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercises and Dietary / Lifestyle changes.

More complicated cases may require medical scans and integration of other modalities such as Acupuncture and Chiro for example.

massage therapy

Our Massage Therapy is designed to complement our Manual Therapy, not just a stress relieving luxury.

Massages are everywhere in Bali but done incorrectly they can actually cause inflammation and damage by overworking or incorrectly working a problem area. Our Massage Therapist is trained by our Physios to understand anatomy and how to correctly work muscles, tendons and attachments. For Manual Therapy clients, notes can be shared with the Massage Therapist so they’re aware of any issues.

An important part of any Recovery routine, Massage Therapy provides a relaxing alternative to Manual Therapy that down regulates the nervous system and helps lymphatic drainage.

compression therapy

In the past few years Compression gear has made a big impact in professional sports, by helping speed up recovery time in the rehab of injuries and between training sessions. Fondue Recovery is the first to offer Compression Therapy in Bali, using market leader – Normatec / Hyperice.

It works by creating a strong gradient of pressure in a specific pattern over 45min cycle. This increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, of metabolic waste built up like lactic acid (fatigued muscles). All you have to do is sit back in a recliner chair and relax.

Think of it as a smart massage. Quick, easy and cheap to work into your Recovery routine.


Created in World War II by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate soldiers, Pilates is the ideal movement practice for anyone coming out of injury or wanting to avoid injury. Low impact but high intensity, it’s great at focusing on the problems areas causing the imbalances which lead to injury. Often working smaller intricate muscles, you didn’t know you had.

Private sessions with one of our experienced teachers is the best way to get a foundation in the basics prior to joining group classes or customized sessions specific to your problem.

treatment plans

With the amount of information out there it can be difficult to know what to do.

Whether its recovering from an injury, preventing an injury or optimizing performance we create detail integrated plans for our clients. Plans that cover not just treatments in clinic but also training, diet, posture and even mindset outside clinic.

Taking a holistic approach we work with Studio Fondue for Pilates, Alchemy for Yoga, Bambu Fitness for Personal Training and Mobility, Fusion Wellness for integrative health.

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