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Is a form of resistance training consisting of intense, controlled, low-impact movements. It was even created during World War II by a professional boxer (Joseph Pilates) to rehabilitate and condition soldiers! Pilates is not Yoga and at FONDUE is definitely not easy or relaxing.

Unlike other strength training where the focus is on explosive or cardiovascular strength, Pilates is focused on control. Using light weights and resistance bands the movements are precise and controlled, which requires a different type of strength AND flexibility.

The result is lean muscles + strong core + excellent range of motion. Which is why the world’s top professional athletes use Pilates in their training programs from LeBron James (basketball) and Cristiano Renaldo (soccer) to Tom Brady (American football) and Stephanie Gilmore (surfing).


Our 50min simmer.

Great for learning or re-learning the fundamentals, Functional is our open level class getting you moving effectively and efficiently on the mat.

Time held in exercises is longer and transitions between exercises are slower, allowing for more instruction from the teacher. It’s a medium intensity and moderately paced class, aimed at building heat and strength but don’t expect easy. Expect an all over burn with a focus on form and modifications for higher level students.


Our 50min burner.

An open level class designed for those with basic fundamentals that want to level up to a powerful well-rounded practice. High intensity but low impact it focuses on longer holds/pulses/variations to build maximum heat. It’s a great total body burn that will challenge even the most advanced students.


Our 50min SIZZLER.

Find your ultimate challenge as you work through a strength based Pilates workout. This workout will have you sizzling from the get go, with a faster paced workout creating heat, strength and a whole lot of sweat. You will work through higher reps, heavier weights & variations layered on top of each sequence with bursts of cardio and minimal rest periods.

Knowledge of strength based movement or our level 2 Pilates as an entry level to this class is recommended.