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Our mobility classes are anatomy based, combining elements of Yoga and Physiotherapy. We like to call it ‘the science of stretching’.

Designed to augment a typical training program and pair with our inhouse Physio programs, the primary aims are to improve flexibility and range of motion, with secondary aims to downregulate and de-stress. Everything of course being related.

Our studio is fully enclosed and equipped to allow for careful control of light, sound and temperature (any weather / any time of day) creating the perfect environment for a deep practice.


Our 75min melt.

This class uses passive stretching techniques to unlock problematic areas and improve flexibility.

It’s a slow-moving sequence of long-holds paired with breathwork and deep meditative-music. Spread over 75 mins it’s relaxing and inward-looking, targeting the deeper / smaller muscle groups and fascia (connective tissue).

Designed to pair with our Physio treatments and Studio classes, the focus is on anatomy and the science of stretching. Scheduled in early evenings, it’s also perfect for down-regulating after a busy or stressful day.