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IV Infusions – why jab myself with a needle

January 29, 2024 0

Let’s be honest, nobody getting a needle in arm any more than they like going to the dentist.

Its unpleasant and if you have a fear of needles like me, a little scary. But there’s a reason why hospitals have been using IV Infusions for over 50 years. They work and they work when you really need them to.

The text book definition would read something like ‘the injection of water soluble vitamins and minerals direct to the bloodstream in a saline solution’. Very similar to supplements, why not just ingest them orally instead? Well the stomach and digestive system using gastric acid and range of enzymes to break down food before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream where its actually needed. This absorption is mostly done in the intestine, but before it gets that far a lot of it has already been broken down. Some clinical studies suggest as much as 60-80%. So you can be ingested high quantities of vitamins but only absorbing very little a.k.a. expensive urine.

IV Infusions are injected direct to the blood stream skipping the digestive system and as a result have a very high and very quick rate of absorption. That means you get most of the vitamins and you get them quickly.

Now IV Infusions are not cheap or convenient. You need to go to a clinic, book an appointment and have a doctor / nurse administrate. As with traditional supplementation (oral pills, powders, liquids), its very important to know what you’re deficient in. Not just to optimize effectiveness and cost, but also to avoid build up of certain vitamins and minerals in fatty tissues. Fat is great at storing a lot of things, including minerals which in high levels can actually be harmful to you or just have an undesirable affect. For example over-administering magnesium is not going to make you sick but it is probably going to make you feel drowsy / tired. Moral of the story, get some lab tests done by an experienced Integrative Health Practioner.

Caveat to all of this, is that IV Infusions are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. That includes the right amount of exercise, sleep, sunlight. As with anything, foundations first and these are the pillars of Health and Wellness. IV Infusions should be seen as a temporary and quick solution, while you address the fundamentals.

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